Charles Cornelius

Loan Factory

Phone: (708) 955-2407

Licensed state: Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama

About me

I am Charles W. Cornelius, your trusted loan officer at Loan Factory, committed to turning your homeownership dreams into a reality! Holding a degree in finance with a minor in real estate from the University of Alabama, I have cultivated a deep understanding of the financial landscape. My journey extends beyond academia, with two years of origination experience. This combination of education and practical expertise equips me with a comprehensive grasp of real estate intricacies. I don't just facilitate transactions; I guide you through a personalized and seamless experience. Your dream home is not just a destination; its a journey, and I am here to navigate every step with you. Trust in my unwavering dedication to provide unparalleled support and expertise beyond the transaction. 

Contact me if you have any questions!

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