Steve Poirier

Loan Factory

Phone: (701) 306-0143

Licensed state: Minnesota, North Dakota

About me

I’ve joined LoanFactory because I like the way they challenge outdated mortgage funding practices. We does this with technology to simplify the home financing process. Our easy-to-use online tools help you evaluate lenders, understand how much home you can afford, compare loan offers, and even obtain pre-approval letters. I believe that to be the best, mortgage originators have to the ability to sift through multiple wholesale lenders, not just in-house options. As Brokers, we have that ability. What separates us from other Brokers is our proprietary loan searching software. We designed it; we own it. We even allow our clients to do some searching for themselves. Our large loan volume allows lenders to give us the best rates, terms, and pricing. See for yourself. Then send me a text, phone call, or email and I will explain in further detail.

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