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Phone: (832) 403-8358

Licensed state: Texas

About me

Tri Ngo MBA - Loan officer for immigrants!

As an immigrant,  I understand how hard to make decision on our home loan! How to minimum our tax liabilities? How to have the best interest and qualify for the loan on our dream home?

Tri Ngo has a Master of Business Administration in finance which provide a foundation in residential loan production, warehouse lending and servicing. Tri Ngo has an overview of associated disciplines essential to a complete understanding of mortgage banking, including ethics, regulatory compliance, real estate law, loan products, quality assurance, quality control. My knowledge and experience to help you through the loan process, find the terms that are right for your budget, and make sure all the legalities are competently handled so that the closing goes smoothly and you can take possession of your new property.

I can look over your budget, income so you get a clear picture of what type and amount of loan is realistic which will help you consider all your options so you can concentrate on making the best decision for your needs.

Contact Tri Ngo MBA – Loan officer today at 512.967.8678 or 512.786.8810 and let’s get started making your home-ownership dream come.

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